In order to ensure requirements for AGRICULTURAL SECTOR, WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANTS, BIOGAS STATIONS there where build a glass coated steel plates production line. To ensure integrated tanks and hoppers surface protection the new zinc works was also established. From the early beginnings of the production line, there have been delivered over 15 000 tank of variable dimensions.

The tanks are designed in accordance with standards EN and ISO

The glass – fused tanks might be used for a storage of fluid or loose materials. The tanks are also a fundamental building element of environmental technologies facilities such as waste water treatment plants (WWTP) and biogas stations

Technology Overview

The enamel is a solid , smooth and shiny cover of silicate glass fused to steel. The enamel is fused in a special furnace at a temperature exceeding 800°C . The steel rounded (cylindrical) shell of the tank is built from two-layer glass-fused sheets coated on both sides. The sheets are attached with special high-grade bolts and sealed by constantly flexible silicone (sealant). The connecting material and shell accessories are equipped by the surface treatment. Verified life time of glass fused to steel tanks is more than 40 years and have high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance (pH 2-13) standard. GLS tanks are used for high variability of construction tank design (diameter, height, piping connection) and placing of technical equipment (pumps, agitators, heating..) These tanks are very quick and have safe construction methodology.


Glass is at its strongest under compression of Glass Fused tanks have cross section of TRIFUSION glass magnified by 100 times under the light microscope.