Rice Silo

Rice Silo

Rice Silo – Perfect Storage Solution for Rice or Paddy

Rostfrei Steels offer a cogent storage container for Rice that is less susceptible to the elements like rust and hence lasts longer. Our custom built rice silos are equipped with Airtight Technology which protects the rice from moisture present in the atmosphere. Rostfrei Steels offer Grain Storage system bedecked with Automation systems, Aeration system, and Advanced material handling. Our Rice silos are manufactured considering ISO standards and capable of insect control and grain quality maintenance. These silos are easily accessible at the ground level for cleaning purpose attached with a pressure relief valve.

Benefits of Rice Silos

Custom Built Design:
We design high-quality rice silos as per the customer requirements where quality standards are maintained as well.

Easier to Unload:
It’s a really burdensome task to unload the grain from a silo evoking grain damage and losses. A rice silo can be equipped with a choice of unloading systems according to the grain and its quantity minimizing the loss.

Efficient Storage:
You can conserve tons of rice in a grain storage silos whereas the storage quantity is limited in conventional storage systems. As it is a vertical storage structure, it requires less ground surface area to save an equal amount of rice as compared to the conventional storage.

Key Features of Rice Silos

Adequate Grain Storage

WHS Compliant ladder

Sturdy Steel Construction

Sealed Recirculation system

Designed to adhere to seismic and soil conditions

The special sturdy cross-sectional roof structure

Heat Insulation

Pest control

Note: We serve maximum Asia region and have successfully installed Rice Silo in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.